Sunday, October 9, 2016

Rough week at work.  Our manager had moved on to a new role so we are having a change there.  They laid off 15 managers this week.  Most of them will have an opportunity to move somewhere else in Fidelity but not in management.  they want to increase the number of reps per team and take some of the responsibly away from managers to work on projects.  they want them to manage.  I struggle with how most of the managers are coached to manage at Fidelity.  I'm not looking forward to this.  They are likely not going to back fill our manager and instead blow our team up across the remaining three managers.  We lost a few reps in the last few weeks due to poor performance.  A few more will likely follow them.  We have heard more about how the changes to the laws of the Department of Labor will effect us.  Most roles will change dramatically.  We will not be comped the same.  I hope my current skill set will translate over to whatever the new rules could offer.  My not getting that FILI role is starting to sink in and I'm bummed about it.  all these concerns could have been avoided if I got that job.  We are in a new quarter so we have to start from a clean slate and get new results.  That is always stressful.  The feeling at work is not optimistic.  It is like there is a cloud hanging over all of us.  I'm trying to be positive and promote postivity among everyone but I feel myself slipping in whatever funk I have had problems with recently. 

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