Monday, February 3, 2014

I still don't have all the rosters I need for the Stake YM Basketball.  It has been very frustrating. I have made many requests and have found that this calling requires a lot of hand holding.  So far the games have gone well and nobody has been hurt.  I have started a facebook page for the Stake Sports which is helping to raise some awareness.

Primary has been challenging this year.  We have two boys that have significant behavioral problems.  Another boy that seems to have split personalities around Primary.  The girls are all wonderful.  The presidency is considering splitting the class to make it more manageable.  I have begged hem to give us time.  I think Nate Rigby and I can make it work. 

We went to a Jazz game today with the family.  We received tickets from Hyrum's Jr. Jazz.  We had enough tickets for the whole family to go.  We were early enough to get Jazz mugs that gave us $1 hot chocolate and Dunkin Donuts and a free donut.  Good times.