Sunday, June 29, 2014

Post made on Granddaddy Lincoln's Family search profile.

Towards the end of his life, Grandfather Lincoln was ill and had started to use a walker to assist him in getting around.  This was a challenge for me to see because I always thought of my grandfather as being invincible.  He had always been a hard worker.  We have always been told how grandfather worked hard to build the church in Moultrie.  He would proselyte door to door after work to try and assist the missionaries in building the branch.  He held many callings in the church that required travel and long hours.  I’m sure his limited mobility was a frustration to him.  

About a year before grandfather passed Tiffany and I visited Moultrie to spend some time with our grandparents.  Emma was less than 2 years old.  Tiffany went to the door to greet Grandmother Mildred and to show Emma off.  I stayed behind to gather our luggage.  When I got to the door Grandfather was trying to get to the door as quickly as he could.  Before I could give him a hug he asked if I would be willing to assist him in his home teaching the next day.

We started very early and left in his car.  He did not want me to drive our rental.  We visited around a dozen homes that day and it took almost all day to complete the visits.  Most of these locations were in very humble areas.  It didn’t take long before I began to recognize that his car was known in these areas.  Once we parked, many children would run over to say hi.  Most of these children were not members of the church but knew him from the many visits he has made.  He was greeted at the door with an immense love and respect.  These families welcomed him in with reverence.   Grandfather told me most of these families do not go to church often.  Many had not been for over 10 years.  I wondered if he was assigned to all these families or if he had an interest in providing them a message.  Grandfather told me that when his health started to fail he would ask these families to come and visit him so he could share the home teaching message.  Not all would come but some would.  

This has always been a great example for me in my priesthood responsibilities.  When I think I might be struggling I think about my elderly, ill grandfather who had lived a life of service in building the church and towards the end of his life was concerned about completing his home teaching.  He is a perfect example of “enduring to the end until you are safely dead”.  We were told when we were young that we need to be better than those who have come before us.  Granddaddy Lincoln set the bar very high.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

“how do you hope the young women your son is around influences him?”
I hope that any young women that are around my son understand the power they possess as women.  As Daughters of God they inherently have the ability to influence young men for good or evil.  In the history of the world there have been many example of this influence.  From Cleopatra to Helen of Troy there have been many wars fought and thousands of men died because a girl smiled at a boy.  It is not fair to expect the girls to be responsible of all wrong doing of men.  Young Men are required to respect themselves enough do what they know to be right.  It is much easier to do what is right with encouragement from a girl.  I would hope that the young women would encourage my son to be worthy of his inheritance as a Son of God.  If a young woman dresses modestly it will be easier for my son to respect them for who they are and not their clothes.  If a young woman is positive about life this will not only influence my son but all around them to be happy and positive about life.  I would hope a young woman would point out the times when son is doing what is right as this will help remind him that he is being watched and recognized is doing what he should.  Many young men have gone on missions because a girl said she wanted to marry a return missionary. Bottom line is if a young woman tells a young man he looks good in blue, guess what that young man’s favorite color just became?  If she comments on his shirt, guess what just became his favorite shirt?  You wield a tremendous influence on the young men.  Please use this influence for good.  

“how can the young women impact your son’s Priesthood now and in the future?”
You will one day be a wife and a mother and young men will one day become husbands and fathers.  Together you will be responsible for keeping the momentum of the gospel moving forward.  In order to do this you must respect one another, your role in the Gospel, and the Priesthood.  You are currently in “training” to become the woman you need to be to make this happen.  You will have many opportunities to assist the young men in honoring their priesthood now and in your future family.  In order to do this you must be strong.  You must be strong spiritually and emotionally.  You must not listen to the world as it attempts to evaluate you on things that do not matter to your Heavenly Father.  As you become strong you will become focused on doing what is right, building your testimony, and becoming closer to your Heavenly Father.  Currently you can assist the young men in honoring their Priesthood by keeping yourself worthy and helping them stay worthy.  This is can be done by following the Strength of Youth Pamphlet.  You can help honor the Priesthood that will bless your future family by becoming strong and independent of inaccurate evaluations the world, magazines and all media will try to convince you are real.  As you do this you will be ready for the challenges you will face in life and be prepared to rise up a a Queen for your future family.