Friday, October 24, 2008

Studio 5 Sarah Palin Look-Alike Episode

My Time on Studio 5

We just returned from the KSL Studios for a Sarah Palin Look-Alike Contest. I was one of five finalists. Wow! It was so much fun!

The Studio 5 Set was beautiful!

It was fun to have someone work on my hair to "Palinize" me!

Here we are! Please vote for me!

Thank You Ben for the moral support, Holly for tending,
and Grandma S for the nomination in the first place!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them

Okay, so you spend so much time helping your kids with their costumes that there's no time left to think of your own. Late one night as I was finishing up Hyrum's space shuttle it hit me.....
It seems that on the days I wear my glasses and my hair pulled back people say, "Hey, it's Sarah Palin....I didn't know you were a tee-ball mom....or shopped at this store....or blah blah blah".
Perfect. The easiest costume ever.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Summer Memories (It was a Great Summer!)

Who doesn't love summer? I think we all hate to see it end. I am not ready to bunker down for the winter, especially now that my garden is finally producing. As I was looking through some photos of our summer I could still feel the warmth of the sun. If you're missing summer already perhaps they will warm you too!
Youth Conference

4th of July Parade
The Girls Dance and Danced
I love being at a parade with Ben because he is the LOUDEST one there. His most famous yelling is "Thanks for Coming" to all the floats from different cities. We all end up giggling and dodging all the candy they try to throw at him.
Back yard campouts with cousins and grandparents AND a Great Grandma (she honestly says that's the best sleep she gets all year.)
Swimming at the Cousin's Pool is Cool!
Brave Dives

Trips to the cabin. (There are never enough of these!)

Zoo Mania

A trip to the Zoo

We love Grandma Charlene!
Hyrum and buddies

Happy Birthday Hyrum!

Friday, October 3, 2008

My Super-Hero

Ben is my super-hero. Did you know that he "saves" me all the time?! My favorite time of day is when he comes home from work. All the kids are so excited to see him. They run to him and Hyrum jumps on him. He drops his bag and wrestles with him, releasing the pent-up energy that Hyrum (and maybe Ben) stores all day. He teases the girls, which makes them feel happy and know that all is right in the world. He folds laundry, vacuums the floor, does dishes, and checks our emails regularly (a task I often get behind in).

Just last week he said, "Tiffany, it seems like YOU need a day off." I really DID need a day off. I was beginning to go crazy in the brain. He used one of his vacation days so he could stay home and be "the Mom" while I could spend the day being Tiffany.

My day-off was great! I really appreciate that Ben recognizes that I need breaks too. He made me feel pretty special by using one of his vacation days just for me. Ben is a hard and efficient worker. He is cheerful and does his duty without complaining. He makes all of our lives better. My friend, my hero! I love you Ben!