Monday, July 15, 2013

Youth Conference was a success.  the Stake did a great job this year.  They made it very easy.  we were able to prepare quickly for the YC due to past experience.  We found out that we took the spot of a brother who was diagnosed with cancer and could no longer go.  He came up later as part of the medical team.  We started the day at the stake center.  We separated into families.  We were family #20.  the very last to be organized.  We had a great family.  A really good group of kids that meshed well.  We went through the neighborhood by the stake center recreating the first few chapters in the BOM.  We wondered a bit.  tried to negotiate for the brass plates. we got a treasure and ate some chocolate.  they recreated the iron rod in the church by 2700 w.  they turned the lights off and had us hold a silver painted pvc pipe.  They took use through the create a spacious building.  I think the folks who got to play the part of the evil temptresses had the most fun.  We got to eat some cake by the tree of life.  They then shuttled us on into cars and we headed up the mountain.  We had the familiar schedule after that.  we played some games all of which had lessons applicable to the gospel.  We blindfolded the kids and had them follow two voices to try and figure out which to listen to get back to the family.  We had them try to communicate without talking and get organized.  We "Crossed the River Sidon" on planks of wood, we ran relays with buckets on the ends of poles to represent the balance needed between temporal and spiritual, we had a great battle with swimming noodles.  One of the most powerful events was the burying of swords.  they had the kids paint wood short swords and asked that they right a short coming/sin that they are willing to sacrifice like the Anti Nephi Lehis.  We then buried the swords.  they did the recreation of Abinabi in front of King Noah, the Savior coming in the middle of the night, and Moroni burying the plates.  From beginning to end it was a great experience.  the Stake had everything set up and we needed to do was not mess it up.  Emma seemed to have a good experience.  I'm glad that we did not mess it up for her.  YC can be very different when your parents are their.

Adam is now in the MTC.  We gave a great talk before he left.  We invited ourselves to his setting apart.  It was a great experience.  He is very concerned about trying to learn French.  He said that I sent him a letter when I was serving in Canada.  I was going to ask him what ot said but I forgot.  I gave him a letter I give to the missionaries leaving a Ward of what I wish I knew before I left for a mission.  I wonder how it compared.

Summer is going by too fast.  The older the kids get the more busy we are.  We have not yet had the chance to go to the cabin overnight.  we went up for the work day but not since then.  Emma had three weeks of camps and now she in nannying for Max for a few weeks.  Eve is making good use of her summer by trying to recipes.  He is turning into a good baker.  She does not cook too much but is doing good cookies, muffins, cupcakes.  Hyrum is trying to enjoy rugby.  He signed up thinking he would be tackling somebody.  The U8 are touch.  I think he is getting bored with touch.  I'm not sure he will play next year but we will leave that option open to him.  Mari is just happy to be here.  She is funny like most of the kids are at her age.  She made up a new songs that she often sings.

"South America, South America, South America
Jump, Jump, Jump
South America, South America, South America
Everybody's moving in
South America, South America, South America"
Jump, Jump, Jump
South America, South America, South America
Let's all go have some fun."

I hsbe no idea where she got the song from but it sure in funny.

I have been spending a lot of time trying to get our scrapbooks up to date.  I have been creating collages to send to Costco.  We have given up on the cutting and pasting that we used used to do.  I spent a few months loading all of our pictures from 2007 - 2012 on the Costco website and then create collages out of them.  I'm half way through 2011.  Each year costs us about $150.  I hope it comes together well.  I feel some pressure to make sure I include the right pictures.  I end up not using about 20-25% of the pictures we have taken.