Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Princess Mari

Mari just had a birthday and it was a froo froo event. We asked all the girls to dress in their favorotie princess outfit and come prepared for a Cinderella type ball.

Mari had her throne. If the Ben's siblings look closely they might remember the chair that Mari is sitting on.

Mari greeted each princess at the door and thanked them for coming.

We have the decorations for a tea party with all the fixings 3 year olds can handle.

Hyrum entertained the princesses by dancing with them.

Because he is doing a partner dance at the next dance concert, he has some moves.

Everybody who wanted a turn got one. He thinks he's hot stuff.

They played many princess games like 'London Bridges'.

Duck, Duck, Goose!

'Kiss the Frog Prince'

The princesses were treated to a very special guest: the new Disney Princess, Eliza.
She was wearing a very special princess dress and looked very beautiful.

Princess Eliza led the other princesses in Mari's favorite game, 'Ring around the Rosie'.

They played this many times.

Princess Eliza then read them a "Fancy Nancy" story.

This may have been the only way to get these princesses to sit still for any amount of time.

Sir Nate The Great was also in attendance. He looked the part didn't he?

Queen Tiffany was trying to help the girls understand how to thank royalty. She gave an instruction on how to curtsy.

We wanted to get a picture of the princess and the knight. This is Sir Nate the Great's "regal" look (not the "I've had 5 pints of ale" look). They made a great couple that sold the royal effect to the princesses.

Everyone had a great time thanks to the royal couple.

After all the dancing, the princesses made hats for the "tea" party.

Princesses Eliza served the surprisingly purple and grape tasting "tea".
Queen Tiffany served the gold fish from the royal treasury.

Sir Nate the Great handled the sweets. Nate the Great became very popular at this point.

Princess Mari sat her royal throne and opened her presents. It was a wonderful event.
This was the first "friends"birthday party for most of the princesses. It went surprisingly well!

We are very grateful for the royal couple for being part of the birthday celebration. They added great style to the birthday celebration. Doesn't Sir Nate the Grate look like he is trying to get the nerve to ask for Princess Eliza's hand in marrwidg? We were hopeful.

A special thanks to all of those who helped with the party. Princess Emma, Princess Eve, Queen Grandma Charlene, Queen Grandma Shea....and most of all King Ben, financier and photographer! We love you Mari!