Sunday, May 31, 2015

It has been a long time since I wrote here.  We had trouble with the blog that kept me from coming back.  That is all fixed now.  Tiffany did some wonderful things for me for Valentine's day.  each day she had something prepared for me with a cute saying.  She takes very good care of me. 

We got through another basketball season.  We did not get the help from the committee we were hoping for.  I have two members I can rely on and two that never showed up.  It was a long season this year.  We got an extra month to work with.  I was there every Saturday for about 5 hours.  It was fun.  we just watched basketball for 5-6 hours.  We lost our ref coordinator which meant that I reffed many games.  Normally about 2 a day.  I got some extra exercise out it.  As soon as we were done with basketball we moved into dodgeball season.  We get a completely different group of kids for dodgeball than we did with basketball.  That required less man power and less time.  Region was a bit of a disappointment.  It was poorly organized and they let a lot of talking go between the kids in the game that I would not have let happen.  We might not participate in region and just do a Stake Playoff ourselves. 

Hyrum is playing baseball this Spring.  He is on the Indians team.  We have a great team.  Good players that get along with each other.  A really good patient coach.  they don't practice much.  Hyrum has great hand-eye coordination.  He can hit the ball with some good force.  He has had to learn how to throw.  At the beginning of the season he struggled with even a basic throwing motion.  He does well with a football but a baseball has been challenging for him.  he is getting far better with throwing but still needs some work.  We have considered getting him some gear but I'm concerned he will move on to something else.  Looksl ike he will.  he has announced that he will give lacrosse a try next year.  I have often thought I would have done lacrosse instead of soccer if it were available way back when.  Hyrum was very brave and begged his coach to let him pitch for an inning.  We worked on it in the backyard.  I had him pitch to me on 4 different occasions and he seemed ready.  He pitch a full inning and didn't do as well as he was hoping.  He walked a lot of batter and didn't strike anyone out.  The team was already down by 6 runs and when Hyrum was done they were down by 13.  He took it hard.  I had a bad experience pitching in little league and was hoping he would have a better experience than I did.  I could not talk him out pitching.  The team rallied and came back to win it with a grand slam home run in the bottom of the last inning.  it all worked out but Hyrum will likely not be back.  I took him to watch AJ play rugby to see if he had any interest doing that next year.  His plan is Lacrosse and then Rugby the following year.  I tried to be an Asst Coach but we has so many Dad's volunteer that I made room and sit in the stands.  Might not be bad to have Hyrum play and not have his Dad be a coach.

Mari had a bday and I ended up painting some little girl's toes.  They all got a kick out of that.  Emma and Eve were taking too long so I stepped in to help to make sure we did nto get backed up to much on the schedule. 

We have had a few recitals/concerts over that last few months.  Tiffany had her violin students play.  It was great.  Tiffany's recitals take less than 30 minutes.   Perfect.  Eve did great at her recital.  It was 2 hours.  It was a good thing that Eve did so good.  Emma just had her dance concert.  It was her last time dancing with CVAC.  At least that is her current plan.  She wants to branch out to try other things in High School and is concerned about how much time CVAC takes.  HE is very good and dance and did a great job.  It will be interesting to see where her new path takes her.

We opened the cabin up for the season last weekend.  It was very cold.  We have had a very dry winter with hardly any snow.  We got the snow shovels out in NOvember but not since then.  We have had a very wet May.  It has rained almost every day.  I have not turned on the sprinklers yet for the year.  Eve has told me she ran over a sprinkler head so i know I have that to look forward to.  The cabin was fun.  We were forced to stay very close while it was cold outside.  We tried to go to church in Kamas but a beaver had knocked down a tree in the road so we just went back to the cabin.  I made up a story and had the kids draw pictures.  It was very fun.  The first day was rough.  A chipmunk found a way in and tried to make a home.  The animal waste a little bigger than usual.  they found the dead rodent int he couch.  Tiffany was so grossed out she wants to either replace the couches or burn the cabin down and start over.  It can be rough opening the cabin.  I would rather it be us then Mom and Dad.

We had a great Priesthood meeting this morning.  We talked about duty.  We have accepted the challenge of the preisthood and now it is time to do our duty.  President Saunders challenged us to study more from the scriptures and journal what we find.  Makes me want to get a desk in our bedroom. 

Working on the Triathlon now that dodgeball is over.  Susan Coon got released so all her work is now mine.  I have no idea what I'm doing.

We finally organized the garage yesterday.  Tiffany asked me if the garage makes me feel more manly.  I didn't know she associated an organized garage to manliness.  We are currently considering a few updates to the house.  Tiffany has decided that we either need to move or remodel.  We can't find a home that will give us any land so we will remodel.  She is getting quotes for the deck, kitchen.  We are considering a shed and I'm actively looking for a smoker.  I can't decide if I want to go big or not.  Yoder (pricey) ot Traeger (not so pricey and what most people have).  I want it soon because I want to smoke for father's day.