Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lagoon 2009

Okay, so this picture needs an explanation. I was tricked! It was 8:00 p.m. It was getting cold and windy. We were riding our last favorite rides when Ben and Emma decided that I needed to go on just one more "really great, super fun, amazing ride". I love rides of all kinds and didn't think twice about which ride they wanted me to go on. Next thing I know, I'm sitting strapped to the "Cliff Hanger" ride. I began to wonder about this ride as I sat in a puddle. It was too late to turn back now. The ride was beginning to go up...and so were the fountains. I was right in the middle of the fountains. I leaned forward to avoid the water and got water down my back. I leaned back and got water down my front. That ride just wouldn't stop. I looked around and Emma and I were some of the only ones on this ride (no surprise since it was really cold outside). In the distance I could hear Ben laughing his famous laugh and out of my blurry eyes I could see him taking pictures as fast as he could. I couldn't believe this trick. By the time that awful ride ended I was freezing and soggy. Not a fun trick. Ben seemed to think otherwise. He and Emma couldn't stop laughing (mean!!!!!)

Everyone's all tuckered out (and still wet!)

Cabin Fun

Because we want our family to be forever...

Dad and I will teach you what you need to know to stay on the strait and narrow path that leads back home to our Heavenly Father.

I will laugh with you...

and cherish you....

I am so happy to be your mommy!

Summer Ball game

Ball games are great fun with grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins!

Especially cousins who share their treats with you.

Sticky and happy!

I ran the bases!

Me too!

I don't get to run the bases????

Cousins make best friends!!!!!

I like the popcorn.

Mud Pie Princess

Mari is my little one who loves to be outside...anytime. (She found the delight of squishy cool mud and tried to do a summersault in the great stuff)

She seems to prefer the "Natural" look.

Mud is always delicious! (I used to love to eat mud when I was little too... and I became a gardener.) Maybe I'll have a weeding buddy yet!