Sunday, September 18, 2016

It has been a challenge to find time to write in this journal.  Our laptop went out and we have been a one computer family.  A lot has happened.  Hyrum has been ordained to a Deacon.  He was very prepared.  I had attempted to be as prepared as possible.  It was great having Hyrum in priesthood opening exercises.  While we were in opening exercises Tiffany came and pulled me out of the meeting.  Tiffany's step dad had a accident in the bathroom at the church.  He had messed himself and all his clothes.  he did not make it to the bathroom in time.  The bathroom smelled horrible.  I attempted to help him but there is not much I could do.  I went from that to hyrum's ordination.  I hope it went well.  I was not as focused as I wanted to be.  hyrum passed the sacrament the next week.  We reviewed what he is representing and he took it very seriously.  He has a new tie and a pocket square for church today.

Emma was in powderpuff again.  She was on a good team again this year.  We was attempting to handle powederpuff, DECA meeting, musical auditions all in the same week.  She somehow found time.  Her powderpuff team won the championship this year.  Their is a running joke from the high school saying that her "Queen Bees" yellow team might be the only football team to have a win on that field this year. 

Emma had suggested that hyrum and Mari audition for the high school musical.  Hyrum was reluctant which caused me to pause and wonder why we are paying for voice lessons if he did not want to use them in a show of some kind.  Mari was very excited about trying out.  She made it back to a few call backs.  Emma didn't which put her in an uncomfortable situation of having a younger sibling getting called back and she did not.  Mari is cased as Amaryllis is the show.  She has a few lines and sings a duet.  She is very excited.  Mom and Dad wished this was not happening while they were in Africa.  We will take a lot of pictures.  Somebody normally takes a video.

We are in football season.  Tiffany normally starts the season feeling like she likes football and then is wanes over time.  It might be different this year with our family doing no sports.  We had a big football game last week.  The BYU v Utah Rivalry game.  Eve has started to take her fandom personally.  It was a very close game/  With our kitchen being ripped out our yelling echoed and made us louder.  It was very close towards the end.  Eve made us stop the game and say a prayer. She watched the fourth quarter from outside.  she watched in through the screen door.  BYU lost at the last second by attempting a 2 point conversion that did not work.  Eve was an emotional mess.  She blames me for getting her emotional connected to a team.  I told her it will only get worse.

I had applied for a new job in FILI assisting my role in completing annuity tickets.  I found out late on Friday that I did not get the job.  The process took 3 weeks.  There were a lot of rumors about why it took so long.  It sounded like they were trying to get someone who worked in that group to come back.  I was not their first choice.  I have been told doing what I do at the level I have been doing it makes me special.  I guess I'm not special enough.  I want to find a role that will help in having more growth than I currently have.  I feel a need to do something new but once you get to my level on the sales side we don't have a lot of options. We have law changes taking effect next year which will make my current job a lot harder.