Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fun at the Cabin (Regardless the Season)

We love the cabin and celebrate any chance we get to go.

Long walks are a great way to explore the surroundings. Even if we need to bundle up a bit.

Marilyn loves to sleep in "her bed". She thinks the bed was specially made just for her.

Every rest stop can be a photo-op. Many picturesque places in the Soapstone Basin.

Ben has found his favorite spot at the cabin.
Normally it's watching a football game that is at least 8 years old.

Cabin breakfasts are very special and are made even better when we venture outside.
(Less clean-up too!)

Occasionally we get other family to come up with us.
Sometimes it is hard to tell who is the kid and who is the adult.

Really hard.

Mari's favorite activity at the cabin is blowing bubbles. Mom makes it look so easy.

When Mari tries everything gets wet and soapy.

The Cabin season has been absolutely wonderful so far.
We hope to make it up a few more times this year.
We've even ordered some slingshots to enhance our rustic adventures....more on this later!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kindergarten Haircut

Bring it on. Confident and ready for school.
Kindergarten here I come!!!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Kids and Ice Cream

We recently took the kids out to enjoy some ice cream at Marble Slab. We placed our request and were enjoying our ice cream and mix ins. Little Marilyn is still trying to figure out potty training and I asked if she needed to go. She took me up on the offer and Ben volunteered to take her. The closest restrooms were out of the store and around the corner. Mari jumped out of her seat and ran to the doors of the store. Just inside the door is a doormat that had the Marble Slab logo.

Once Mari passes the doormat and sees what it is, she drops to all fours and starts to lick the ice cream logo. Ben gave his typical loud random sounds that the kids know to mean to stop whatever you are doing. Mari, still on all fours, stops licking the doormat and with tongue still hanging out looks up at Ben as if to say "Uh oh, what did I do now?" Ben grabs her hand and takes her out of the store. The other families were giggling and pointing at Mari during the process.

It was not long before Mari and Ben came back and Mari was still eying the doormat hungrily. A few of those same families, who all finished the their ice cream while Ben was gone with Mari, were giving audible gasps and they saw Mari eying the doormat but not stopping. A few of the younger members of these families voiced their displeasure at waiting around and not having a pay off of watching an adorable 2 year old licking a doormat.

Once we finished our ice cream and started the family towards the door, Mari ran as fast as she could (more like a few clumsy jumps than strides) and planted herself on the doormat and tried to lick the ice cream logo again. Ben was right behind her and grabbed her up before her tongue could touch the icky doormat.

It is amazing kids make it into adulthood. We are hoping that the amazing family genes will keep her from picking up whatever disease one might catch from licking a frequently trafficked doormat. How old does one need to be before they realize that a picture of something does not equate to the real thing?

Friday, July 2, 2010

Potty Training Through the Eyes of a 2 Year Old

Dear Mari decided it was time to be rid of diapers....this was not good timing for mom who is up to her neck in Girl's Camp, Landscapes, Last Week of School festivities, etc..... I mean, I'm really happy she wants to take this step, but I wasn't even going to think of Potty Training until AFTER Girl's Camp. Sweet Mari does things in her own time (I should have remembered this from her untimely birth experience) Maybe Mari just needed extra attention. Maybe this is what she was thinking:

"Wow, Mom sure looks stressed. I think she needs more Mom and Mari time. Let's see, I've already made all the messes I could think of (that's not so fun anymore cause Mom just makes me help her clean them up). Maybe we could eat candy together (ah, that won't work since Mom doesn't like candy). Play-Doh, (Done that), Coloring (Boring), The Park (Too Hot) Maybe, hum, let's see.... I've got it! Let's try going potty like a big girl and see what Mom does. This could be a fun game I haven't tried before."

Mari says: "Mom, I NEED TO GO POTTY!" Mom seems to be really happy. Maybe this WILL be a fun game. Wow, I get a potty treat AND get to do a potty dance. This is definitely my best idea yet.

15 Minutes later: Repeat game, success, potty treat and dance. Mom is dancing too. I get special princess pants.

15 Minutes later: Repeat.....on and on and on (Mom is still happy)




Dry pants are much better. This is GREAT!

The next day: "I wonder if this game works everywhere. Let's try it at:

The Grocery Store: (Wow, look how Mom drops everything to run and find a bathroom for ME!)
The Kids' School: (I like these little toilets)
Another Store: (Magic, this bathroom has magic toilets AND magic sinks.)
The Rodeo: (Wow, we get to go in this special blue closet. It has a really cool deep hole with blue liquid. This one doesn't flush itself...hey, I don't get to flush it at all- no fun!...Mom doesn't seem to like this one either)
Church: (I'm tired of sitting still, this is a great way to get Mom to move real fast. This also works to let me get out of Nursery to visit Mom for a minute)

"I think Mom really likes my game. She's so proud of me, especially when I stay dry. I'm sure she'll find time to get all the other things done that she needs to...Mom's never sleep after all!"

2 Weeks Dry and Counting!