Wednesday, December 25, 2013

We have just had a wonderful Christmas.  We have some consistent traditions we do on Christmas.  After the Christmas Eve celebration at Mom and Dad's we let the kids all sleep in one of the bedrooms and watch a movie we let them open that night.  Tiffany get the food ready for the breakfast on Chrsitmas morning.  We always have a breakfast cassorle and sticky buns.  We have set up two Christmad trees.  We set up a "Family History" tree in the front room and thekids get to decorate a tree in the basement.  We have homemade ornaments for the tree upstairs.  we have framed some pictures of our ancestors.  the kids get to decorte the tree downstairs with the ornambnets they have collected over the years.  we set up the presents in the basement and spend most of our time down there playing with whatever and watching movies.  Tiffanys Mom and grandma come over for breakfast and my Mom and Dad visit when they make it.  they travels to all the homes and visit the grandkids.  Our living in Tooele started the process of having mom and dad travel rather than having us travel to them.  We celebrated Joseph Smiths Birthday (the 23rd) with a big turkey dinner and have leftovers for Christmas dinner.  This way Christmas is relaxing for everybody.

I have completed the Seminary process.  I'm still waiting for the feedback they have promised to provide me.  I taught for 30 min a three different occassions.  It went OK but was rough.  It was so rough I had considered quitting and not coming back.  they let me teach a complete class period for 2 weeks.  they observd me at the first and last class.  In the last class they had the students take a survey about my teaching attempt.  I thought they were not as favorable as I had hoped.  Tiffany thought they were OK.  One of of the students thought I was tacky.  Some thought I over prepared others thought I did not prepare enough.  I'm not sure what this will lead to but I have learned a lot.

Tiffany was reassigned from primary to the YM Presidency.  She is now the secretary.  She is very excited.  She has been in the Primary for 3 years.  it has been fun being in Primary with her.  I will miss having her around.  She gets ti be in Young Women with Emma and Eve.  I consider this a tender mercy.  She has a great group of friends that she is serving with.  They will do a lot of good.