Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shopping Cart Adventures

I can't believe how fast Mari is growing up. She crawls everywhere. She climbs as many stairs as she can before I catch her. She's even starting to "cruise" around furniture. Yesterday she started clapping whenever something was funny. She also waves "hello" or "bye-bye". She seems too little to be doing all this. Maybe it's just ME wanting her to stay little.

Anyway, today I made a trip to Costco. Hyrum wanted to ride in the basket (he's much too big but I let him so Mari would have some company). You see, today was Mari's first ride in the cart without being in her car seat. At first she was nervous about being strapped in but saw Hyrum and was okay. Having access to tasting samples was also a bonus for her!

As I looked at them I realized how fast life is going. Both of my babies are growing too fast.

Enough rambling.....

As we were waiting in line to get Hyrum his churro, a woman and her 2 children were in front of us in line. One of her children was about Mari's age was strapped into the basket, and her other daughter about Hyrum's size was climbing on the side of the basket. Suddenly, everything seemed to go slow motion as the woman's cart started to tip over because of her daughter who was climbing on the side of the cart was pulling it over. Without thinking, I rushed over to the cart and caught it before the baby hit the ground. (We were all lucky that the baby was strapped in tight.) Those baskets are heavy and it had landed hard on my knee. I wasn't strong enough to put the basket upright again, but another shopper came to the rescue just as the unsuspecting mother turned around. This poor mother was so upset at what might've happened. She held her crying 3 year old and thanked us.

Everything happened so quickly that all I could do was smile. My heart was beating too fast. If that mother happens to read this blog, what I wanted to say is, "Don't worry. Stuff like that happens to all of us at some time or another. You simply can't be everywhere at once."

Maybe I'll move Mari back into her car seat for future shopping trips. Hyrum is also a monkey you know!

Eve's Renewable Income

For her birthday, Eve got a huge gumball machine. I thought, "Oh great! Her teeth will rot right out." So, I was pleasantly surprised (that very afternoon) to find her out on the curb selling gumballs. She had quite a crowd. By the time she came in she had made over $5!

We had just read Grandma's post about the sewing machines in the Congo and how the girls could use what they sewed to sell and get money to buy more fabric to sew to sell, to sew to sell....

Eve was excited that she had her own enterprise. She has her money packed away and a store picked out to buy.......MORE GUMBALLS!

Thursday, November 13, 2008