Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Little Man

We attended a baptism of a friend's little boy. Hyrum is usually very social with everyone, complete strangers are his best friends....but tonight he was acting funny. He was a bit shy, making polite conversation, using his best manners, and sitting still. (Anyone who knows Hyrum knows that sitting still is not one of his best qualities.) I didn't realize why this sudden extra charm until I noticed that seated directly next to Hyrum, on the other side, were two beautiful teenage girls.

I caught Hyrum's eye as he was trying to figure out how to talk to these girls. He was so nervous! I've never seen him like this before. It was priceless to see this little man start to come out.

Hyrum pulled me down to his level and whispered in my ear, "Mom, being around pretty girls makes me jealous!"

"Jealous? What does 'jealous' mean Hyrum?"

"Jealous means....uh....I don't know....I just feel kind of.....nervous."

"It's okay, Hyrum. You can be nervous. You just remember to be yourself. You are a good boy!"

These girls were eating Hyrum up. He sat taller that night.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Emma and Eve playing their jazz duet "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"

Our concert was NOT a disaster. In fact, it was really fun. There was only one accident...and unfortunately it involved Eve's cello. 5 minutes before the concert, someone tripped over her cello, landing it face down, bridge popped out and broken in 3 places.

It was a mad dash...I rush to Eve's cello, pick it up, and try to find all the pieces of broken bridge, 2 moms from the front row get down to help me look. Poor Eve looks heartbroken. I comfort her and take her cello off stage to try to piece it together.

Meanwhile, one of Eve's friends named Kyle (a violinist) and a bunch of other friends are surrounding Eve trying to tell her that it will be okay. I'm still working on the cello when I look up and Eve and all these kids are gone.

Kyle realized that there was another cello at the very top of the back stage storage closet. Somehow, all those kids hoist Kyle up and he retrieves the cello for Eve to use. Team effort, not just for sports.

This is one of the many reasons I love teaching orchestra...because it attracts such high quality kids. They really care about each other. They are friends outside of class and in. They have a place to belong.

Eve was smiling again....and I was able to balance/fix her cello just in time to start the concert.

The kids did great! The parents seemed pleased. The kids seemed really proud of themselves. Many teachers and the principal commented that this is the best the orchestra has ever sounded. I'd have to agree.

We celebrated our concert the next day by having a party before school. I brought donuts and chocolate milk. We had orchestra store, music, hula hoops, basketballs, scooter boards and a gym full of wild and crazy orchestra kids. Some of the teachers in earshot of our party poked their heads in and said, "Party on! You all worked so hard, you deserve to have fun."

Another perk of being a teacher is the great Christmas gifts. One sweet cello named Austin gave me a beautiful black and white musical patterned fleece blanket. Others gave chocolates, candies, lotions, candles.....and best of all, cards.

Here are a few: (spelling and grammar unedited)
"Thanks you for teaching the orchestra. I really liked practising with you...." Marcus

"Thank you for all the extra practice and help . Your a wonderful orchestra teacher."
Love Lauren

"Thank you for teaching me how to play my cello. You are a great teacher." Austin

And, my favorite:

"Thanks for all the help in Orchestra! I've had a great chance of showing my songs to the world." Bianca

Our very large orchestra will be even larger starting in January. I've had calls from 8 more parents informing me that their children will be starting with us when we begin again.