Sunday, November 6, 2016

Smoked some ribs yesterday so I'm in a happy place. 

This past weekend was a catch up weekend.  We finished the base boards and moved all the furniture back.  Tiffany is feeling better having the home back as it is supposed to be.  Emma and her friends used the basement to create a massive blanket fort.  They were planning to watch a movie but instead gabbed and ate some cookie dough.  They seemed to have fun.  Emma has been very stressed about the musical.  She feels a need to watch over all of Mari's needs with the musical forgetting that she is not a mom yet.  Tiffany and I have not been doing much with Mari for the musical becasue we have not known what was needed.   We are now helping Mari with her lines and costumes.  We hope this will help Emma.  What we really need to for Emma to communicate better.  We are trying to help her there.

Eve has been chosen to participate in recording a song for the new Youth Theme for 2017.  She spent the day yesterday in Provo recording the song.  She has her cello, a viola, and 2 violins.  She did not try out for the song.  She offered to participate and the composer "Facebook stalked" Eve and Tiffany and felt comfortable having Eve participate.  she will be filming the music video next Saturday which means she will shopping all week for the perfect look.

Sunday Observation

Heavenly Father want us to be happy.  We try to read scripture as a family every day but it does not always work out.  When it does not work out for us we quote and article of faith or a scripture we have memorized,  All I have do to is start the family and they will finish the verse.  One of the favorites is "Adam fell that man might be, and men are that they might have joy."  Our father wants is best for us.  His view is often times long term.  We want immediate happiness but sometimes we are meant to struggle.  I think of two examples with different calling Tiffany has had that were challenging.  I think of when she was called to be the Primary Pianist when she had not played the piano consistently since she was in Middle School.  She would practice many times during the week and then play on Sunday.  On Sunday the Primary kids were very honest in the appraisal of Tiffany's talents.  She kept trying to get better and did a great job.  Every time I hear her play the piano I remember that experience.  I would often times hear her play and turn off the TV to listen to her practice.  the other example was her experience with our Ward YW Presidency.the gals she worked with were great but younger than Tiffany.  many of them had small children around the same age.  They would not include her in things and started to develop a click in the Presidency.  Many of the women in the leadership felt isolated.  These younger women got the attention for the YW.  the Presidency was not following the handbook.  The YW as a whole were not unified.  Is caused Tiffany a lot of stress.  She had to learn to get over her concerns and find joy in what she had control over.  She eventually did and got released because she was called into the Stake YW Presidency.  She is loving her calling in the Stake and hopes it will last for a long time.  So do I.