Friday, December 4, 2009

Eve's Proposal

A few Sundays ago, Eve came to get me from Relief Society bursting with news, "Luke just asked me to marry him!"
"Oh?" I said. "What did you tell him?"
"I told him he had to go on a mission first" she giggled.

Later, Eve's Primary teacher told me that she was setting up her lesson and when she turned around, Luke was down on his knees in front of Eve (and the rest of the class) pleading with Eve to marry him.

To Eve's response, Luke said, "Please, please...but it would be Forever!"

Luke is a darling precocious boy a year older than Eve in school. I admire his guts to do what he did. Eve just giggles whenever he's around.

Hyrum: Mr. Singles Ward

Last Sunday we attended a singles ward (I was playing violin with a trio for my friend who was going on her mission). Following the meeting the Bishop opened up the time for announcements (time for the auxiliary leaders to announce their activities for the week). One of the announcements was for a "Holidate" (an arranged dinner date). The girl who announced this explained to the congregation that they needed more guys to sign up so all the girls who wanted to go would have a date.

Hyrum tugged on my sleeve and said (not too quietly) "Hey! I'm a guy. Can I go on that Holidate?" All the single girls in the vicinity turned to look at him and "awed". The girl in front of us turned around, smiled and said, "I'd love to go with you!"

How ironic that Hyrum, the boy who for his Primary talk just weeks before, spoke of service. He surprised us all by adding things to his talk that we had not planned. For example:

"Service is when someone doesn't have a friend, you make friends with them and help them with math."

Or "When someone is stuck in a cave and afraid you give them a hug."

And my favorite, "When someone doesn't have anyone to marry, you marry them."