Monday, January 2, 2017

Wand Names for Hyrum's Wizard Party

Oak with dragon heart string center  -  The wood was rescued from a fire at the Keebler elf cookie factory.  During the creation of this wand it was infused with a hint of nutmeg and cinnamon from the cookie making happening during the fire.  Name   -  KeebWeeb wand

Elderberry with a phoenix feather core.  This wand was created by a gnome who was playing with a magic book during a lightening storm.  He thought he was creating magic but really a lightening bolt struck his hovel and created this wand.  -  Name  -  Lightning Strike Wand

Elm with a Unicorn hair core.  This wand was created by the great Unicorn Vladimar who was sharpening his horn on an Elm tree.  The friction created a fire that Surprised Vladimar so much that he farted and created a bigger fire than before.  Name  -  Toot Methaune Wand

Oak with Dragon heart string – This wand was hand crafted by the great elf wizard Lego LutLut.  He was trying to create the best back scratcher and in doing so created a wand instead.  Irionically it is still a great backscratcher.  The strongest spell it casts is the scratch be gone spell  -  Name – Smokey Smokey Pokey Pokey wand

Pine with a Minotaur Booger core  -  This wand was made from a tree that the great Minotaur Spike collided with while fighting the massive troll Mungnut.  His face hit the tree so hard that it splintered into many fragments.  The largest fragment was crafted into a wand and has great power especially against trolls  -  Name  -  Boogey Spike Wand

Pine with House elf fingernail core  -  This wand was an carved from the great pine tree that was cut down to great the white house.  It has in it all the knowledge and power of past presidents and leaders on this nation.  It can be used to make those around you either wiser or dumber based on your command.  -  Name – I.Q. Tawssah Wand

MARI  -  Spruce with Gold and a Hair from the great Elf Queen Elsa  -  This wand was created when the Elf Queen Elsa threw a tantrum.  She was very made and sent burst of of light from her castle to the forest around.  One of the trees that caught on fire was a home a family of ice ferrets.  They scampered away safely but they left all the gold they had been piling in the tree.  This became the core of the wand.  Name – Elsa Wah Wah wand.

Elm with a Dragon heart string core  -  This wand was crafted by the great Olivander himself.  He was eager to get remove it from his shop due the odor it greatest.  During the making of this wand the crafty Weasely twin made a visit to the shop and drop a stink bomb in the workshop.  The stink bomb fused with the wand and now whenever a spell is made it releases and nasty smell and makes fart noises.  Very powerful wand but also very smelly.  Name  -  Tooty Toot Weasel Wand

Pine with a Golden grass core  -  This wand was handled by the great king Midas.  King Midas was cursed having everything he touched turn to gold.  He was running away from his angry girlfriend after accidentally turned her favorite pony into a gold statute.  While running away he tripped and while screaming touched his tongue top the grass outside the girlfriend’s house.  This made the gold extra pure.  The king commanded wands be made from the grass.  Great wand but might get you trouble with the ladies.  Name  -  Spit Git Wand

Elm with a Jedi Lightsaber core  -  This wand was an experiment from the Great Yoda himself.  He ws trying to find a way to magnify the power of the force.  He created the smallest lightsaber and crafted a wand around it.  This did not help him use the force but it did create an awesome wand.  This wand will help you make friends with the Jedi and know who is a Sith Lord without having to ask  -  Name  -  Luke, Give It a Try wand

Pine with a Tooth from a Jibber Jabber core  -  The Jibber Jabber are known as a group of people who can’t stop talking.  They always want to talk and they can only talk about themselves.  They are extremely annoying.  This wand is often used as a way to shut them up.  Instead of words coming out of their mouths they only hear a small baby cry coming out of their mouths.  This wand is also used to help   shy people talk more often.   Name-  -  No Talkie Talkie Wah Wah wand

Cherry with Unicorn hair core  -  This wand is a recycled wand.  It was last used to break into Gringots in an attempted robbery.  A large haggle of orcs stormed into Gringots and but were stopped by a large horde of goblins.  This wand was used by Steve the Orc who was very handsome for an orc and a very powered warlock.  He is not is Azakban sure a life sentence for his crime  -  Name  -  Steve the Wand

Elm with a Moutain Dew center  -  This wand moves very fast and is very jittery.  It slashes and moves so fast that most can’t see it.  It is great in making everything go faster or  move much slower.  Be careful to make sure it is pointed the right way.  -  Name  - Go Go Beh Go Go Wand

Oak with a Syrup core  -  this wand is normally very stick unless you use it correctly.  Casting a spell the wrong way will have you and those around you covered in sticky syrup.  You will be the hit and breakfasts but be careful all other times of the day.  -  Yum Sticky yum yum wand

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