Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tiffany is a wonder woman to be around.  she gets inspriation all the time of ways we can be of help to others.  We were driving a few days ago and she decided we needed to call our Stake President and offer to help with his backyard.  they are going to have a wedding reception in the backyard and needed some help getting it ready.  We went to their home for FHE and spent 3 hours cutting, pruning, removing all sorts of debris.  the kids worked very hard.  I was proud of them.

I'm still struggling a bit with giving Hod to Adam.  He loves it and can;t wait to be able to work on it when he returns from his mission.  he came by a year ago asking about the truck.  He was planning on the truck being his Senior gift.  the Lever's have started a tradition of taking large trip once the kids graduate High School.  Rather than take a trip he was going to fix up the truck.  he did not tell me this.  he just sheepishly asked about the truck.  So I told him i would sell it to him for $3000.  They declined and I later found out what he wanted to do.  I've thought about selling Hod but I could never bring myself to do it.  Tiffany has been anxious for years to try and organize the garage.  I always told her we can't really organize the garage until we figure out what we are going to so with the truck.  Now that they truck is gone we started getting the garage organized.  we are bringing in a guy to build shelves.  Same guy who built the Lever's shelves.  To prep, Tiffany wanted to paint the garage.  That is what we did today.  we did a decent job.  I'm ready for this project to be done.  every time I look to the East side of the garage I think of that blue truck.

So far so good with the soccer season.  We tied our first game.  We normally lose the first game.  the kids forget how to play but they remembers in time to tie the game towards the end.


There once was a land where everyone baked yummy food for the whole city.  Many families were good at baking different things.  People would travel from all over the land to this city and buy the yummy treats.  there was a family that lived on the very far edge of the city that was known for making the best cupcakes in the area.  They made many different cupcakes.  The cupcake they sold the most was a strawberry cupcake with strawberry frosting.  it took a lot to make the cupcakes.  This family had all the boys go the wheat fields every day so they would have enough wheat to make flour for the cupcakes.  all the women would make the cupcakes and also had to do all the berry picking.  On day one of the daughters, Mari, went to the strawberry bucket and noticed they were almost out of strawberries.  It was her job to organize the girls and for a strawberry picking party.  They decided that they would go tomorrow and pick strawberries.  The got their berry picking cloaks, baskets, and brought their violins so they could sing the berry picking songs.  They went to the place that they normally collect berries and notices that there were no berries in the strawberry fields to be picked.  Someone picked at the strawberries and did not leave any behind.  This worried Mari and her sisters but it did not worry Mari's mom.  Mari's mom remembers hearing her mother talk about strawberry fields in the forest.  They normally did not go to the forest for two reasons.  The always had enough strawberries closer to the city and the forest has always been a scary place.  There were stories about people going missing in the forest.  Mari's mom was not afraid so they went into the forest looking for strawberries.  The traveled deep into the forest.  They traveled farther than she every had before.  Mari was scared of all the different shapes and shadows that she saw in the forest.  She held onto her mother's hand and kept walking.  After a long journey they came to an opening in the forest.  The opening a small part of a valley.  When Mari looked into the valley all she saw were strawberry plants.  they covered the valley floor.  All the women began to pick strawberries.  The strawberries were some of the biggest, reddest, and sweetest strawberries Mari had ever tasted.  As they were picking the strawberries some of the women began to scream.  Soon all the women were screaming.  Mari could not tell why they were screaming until she saw him.  From among the strawberries rose a man.  He was thin and tall and had dark skin.  His skin was rough like a tree bark.  He had mean looking eyes.  All the women were very afraid expect for Mari's Mom.  All the other women were ready run away from this man but Mari's Mom walked towards this man.  The man told them all that they mist stop picking the strawberries.  They must go home and never return.  Many of the women began to leave but Mari's Mom asked him why they must go.  The man told her that he is a Wood Fairy and guardian over the forest and especially these strawberries.  They must go home a never return.  Mari's Mom asked him why he was so mad.  The Wood Fairy glared at her and Mari's Mom smiled back.  Mari's Mom was known throughout all the kingdom for her smile.  She was friends with everybody and found ways to help everyone feel good and special.  Normally all she had to do was smile.  Mari's Mom's smile caused the Wood Fairy to stop being mean.  She asked why he was mean and Wood Fairy explained that he was sad.  He could see from the edge of his forest all the fun the family was having in making cupcakes and using strawberries.  He was always sad to see them having so much fun with the strawberries because they are a favorite of his and the cupcakes look so very good.  Mari's Mom explained that he was always welcome to come and help in any way he can.  This made the Wood Fairy smile but he was still sad as he explained he can't leave the forest.  Mari thought for a moment and then asked her Mom if they could come and visit the Wood Fairy and bring some strawberry cupcakes.  They all thought that was a great idea.  They decided that they would come back every year and have a strawberry party.  The Wood Fairy was very happy and suggested they take some strawberries home to bake into their cupcakes.  They began to pick strawberries and the Wood Fairy stopped them again.  he had a better way.  He flicked his wrist and a wood flute appeared in his hands.  he began to play his flute and the strawberries plucked themselves from the bushes and began to dance there way into the waiting baskets.  The women danced while he played his tune and the strawberries bounce and danced there way to the baskets.  they left with more strawberries than they could use and handed out fresh strawberries to anyone they saw on the way home to the kingdom.  They all kept there promise and returned every year at that time to visit with the Wood Fairy and have a strawberry party.  the men would take the day off from the fields and come to enjoy the Strawberry Party.  They developed a long friendship with the Wood Fairy that lasted forever.  The family and Wood Fairy had these wonder parties for many year thanks to Mari's Mom.  When the Wood Fairy tried to scare them away Mari's Mom stopped, smiled, and asked why he was sad.  She wanted to try and make a friend..  Her kindness and her friendship made all the difference.
Soccer season has begun.  I hope the season goes well.  We have a few new kids this year.  we held our first practice and it went well.  I had to remind the kids that I'm a loud coach.  we have our jerseys and we are missing one.  I have yet to have a season where we get all the jerseys we need to have.   I hope we get the jerseys before the season starts on the 22nd.  I hope we can get through the season without an event with the parents on either side.

We had our youth conference reunion.  We had fun making up games int he backyard.  the kids ahd fun, we only had a few kids not make the bbq.  We had fun and our kids seemed to enjoy our youth conference family.

We took the Bryants and the Ludlows to the cabin with us this past weekend.  We had fun.  The kids were very active when we were trying to get them to bed.  they were trying to tell each other ghost stories.  I took control and made up a story loosley based on Monty Python and the search for the Holy Grail.  It as very long and did the trick.  in the morning we went down to the river.  the Lever's had started a dam in the river earlier this year and we spent about an hour building to it.  It has made part of the river very swift.  Mari fell into the shallow slow part of the river nad struggled a bit.  She could have stood up but she tried to swim.  She was very imbarrassed and wanted to go back to the cabin.  Tiffany took her back and let her take off her shirt becasue she was cold.  Mari was concerned about be