Tuesday, October 26, 2010

General Conference Traditions

Twice each year, we have the opportunity to hear the word of God from his leaders: the Prophets and Apostles. In our family, we look forward to the General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, almost more than Christmas because of the peaceful feeling that enters our home, the traditions that accompany this special event, and the love and unity we feel towards members of the church all over the world.

On General Conference Sunday (and Saturday!) this is how we look.... much more relaxed...I had to beg the kids to get dressed....I don't bother asking Ben to get dressed...he makes it known that he will stay in his pj's all day.

In the Book of Mormon, King Benjamin spoke to his people and taught them the things of God. His people gathered their families and pitched their tents with the door facing towards the king so they could hear him speak.

Building a tent is part of our tradition too!

Because we want our children to know and love the Prophets and Apostles, we try to make General Conference full of special traditions (some spiritual and others just fun)

Stringing Licorice with Froot-Loops for Bracelets

When all of the children were little, we tried to think of things that could keep them busy so we could listen, uninterrupted, to Conference. Now, even though a few of them are old enough to listen, they still enjoy some of these traditions.

Snuggling with Mom.
(This is one of the ONLY times Mom sits down during the daylight hours so it is a rare treat)

Each child picks their own jar of babyfood to eat as a treat... (more about this later)

Coloring Conference Bingo Cards

Who doesn't love a good game of bingo? Conference Bingo has the children listen for subjects that are featured on the bingo cards (prayer, scripture study, pioneers, family, temples....). I am always amazed at the things even Hyrum can understand about what is being taught by the Prophets and Apostles.

We all love President Monson, the Prophet!

When the babyfood is consumed, the jars are washed and filled with cream and salt.

The children then shake their jar until the cream becomes butter.

This usually takes awhile so it's a good activity to do while listening.

Voila! Butter and Buttermilk!

Silly and Spiritual traditions. Whatever it takes to build family memories and celebrate the two best times of the year....General Conference spring and autumn!

If you want to know what the Prophets and Apostles spoke about visit
and click on October General Conference

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nursery Terrorist

Mari dear, sweet and pure absolutely LOVES Nursery. (Who wouldn't love playing with toys, having snacks, singing fun songs and learning about Jesus).

Mari looks forward to Nursery every week. In fact, as soon as the closing prayer is said in Sacrament meeting she joyfully shouts "NURSERY" (With the same exuberance as if she were going to the 7-11 for a SLURPEE!)

During the week, she prays for her Nursery leaders and sings the songs she's learned.

Today, however, Nursery became a whole new experience...

I was in the hall at church, between classes when a child (one of Mari's friends named Carol) is carried out of Nursery screaming. The frantic nursery leader is holding a blood filled rag to her head. My first thought was, "What horrible child would do that to another child!".

Suddenly, my heart stopped. I raced to the Nursery classroom. "Did Mari do that to Carol?" I was truly expecting a, "No! Mari would never do that to someone...she is so nice and sweet!" BUT... all the Nursery leaders could do was nod their heads "YES"

I rushed in there...."I'm so sorry. She's been going through a hitting phase...we're trying to discipline her each time she does. I'll go put her in Time-Out right now.

Mari's Nursery leaders tried to tell me it was okay, kids fight over toys all the time...

They told me that Mari and Carol wanted the same toy and Mari grabbed it and whacked Carol on the head. They said it was a soft toy and no one could understand how it could've caused the puncture wound that was there. Even Carol's dad went in to examine the toy. No one could see what had caused the damage.

All I know is that poor Carol was bleeding and my child was responsible.

To make matters worse, Ben was in the Deacon's Quorum setting apart a new Presidency with Carol's brother being put in as the Secretary. Carol's dad was late in getting to the meeting because he was helping drive Carol and mom home. When Carol's dad arrived, he explained why he was late. Ben jokingly said, "It was probably Mari". Carol's dad said, "Actually it was."

After church, we went over to Carol's house to bring her some treats so Mari could apologize to Carol.

When Carol opened the door she happily said, "Hi Mari!" Mari handed her the treats and said, "I'm sorry Carol". Carol got a surprised look on her face and said, "Is this the kid that whacked me?" Mari gave her a hug and they were friends again.

Oh to be as forgiving as a child!

Monday, October 4, 2010