Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monster Mash

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our Friends From Africa


Eve's Service Birthday

We have a tradition in our family (inspired by Aunt Kimberly). On each "special" birthday (8, 12, 16) the kids are given a choice to host a "service project" birthday party. Before the party, the birthday child chooses a service project based on a need he/she sees in the community. They then organize their party based around this need. Instead of bringing gifts for the birthday child, friends bring donations for the project. We also do a craft to donate.

This was Eve's 8th. She chose to collect supplies for a new school for kids with special needs. Eve wants to be a special needs teacher when she grows up. She has many friends with disabilites and loves to help them. At the party her friends had fun tying blankets to donate to the school. Everyone had fun (especially Eve). The joy of service has touched her heart!

Some Baptisum pics.


Some Baptism pics.

Oh, Evie your gorgeous

Swine Flu, We Caught It

Mari has Swine Flu. Yes. We took her to the doctor for an ear infection and they think she has swine flu too. (The doctor told mom they're not testing for it because so many people have it. Mari had all the symptoms, so I guess that's all they needed to know. I (Emma) had it first, then Hammer got it and Mom's case mostly ended yesterday. Hammer and I, we both thought it was a BAD cold and let it go. A few days of misery and we were fine. Then Mari caught it. Poor Mari is on 2 different kinds of meds. (One for ear infection and one for the flu) I hope Dad and Eve don't get it.