Sunday, April 26, 2009

District Science Fair

We are very proud of Emma and all her findings with water filters for the science fair.

Emma got inspiration for her project because of Grandma and Grandpa who, while serving in the Congo, saw the dirty water that people were washing in, cooking, and drinking. She tried to think of something people could do to help make the water cleaner for themselves.

At first, Emma tried making water filters from all sorts of things (sugar, strings, foam letters, craft beads, water softener pellets just to name a few). After these things didn't filter the muddy water very well, she studied how water is filtered naturally in the earth and then tried to re-create it. She put cotton batting, gravel, sand, and a dryer sheet in a 2 liter bottle and voila! A portable water filter.
The judges liked her project too and she made it to the district science fair....and the best part of all, her cousin, Kade made it to district too. (His was a much more delicious project that we all got to taste different kinds of chocolate). Kade looked very handsome in his suit and bow-tie.

It was fun because Emma and Kade had their interviews at the same time and I absolutely love to sit and gab with my wonderful sis-in-law, Christie. (And wouldn't you know, she had a stash of chocolate with her!)

It was a wonderful experience for these kids to practice real life skills (interviewing and presenting) and learn the scientific method in the process.

By the end of the night, Emma was beaming with her 2nd Place Ribbon. 2nd Place at the District Science Fair! Engineering Division!!! We are so proud of her!

Hawaiian Staycation

Stressful economic times promote alternate ways of doing things.

I've been worried about Ben's huge need for a vacation and no time or money to go anywhere. Sometimes the best vacation is just knowing someone loves you enough to do something special for you; at least that's what I was hoping to accomplish.

After setting up the kitchen tiki-style, (complete with ocean waves music playing in the back ground), a mini-golf course throughout the house, (the kids golfed with us-par 2!) and ordering Rumbi grill and tropical smoothies...we set sail on our home-cruise to Hawaii.

It was fun to do a "date" like we used to before we were married! I think Ben know's that he is loved!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009