Sunday, December 7, 2014

High in the mountains where the air is crisp and the water is very clear lived a family in large estate.  They had servants, large gardens, and a very large house.  This family had a little girl and she did not like the large house.  She was the only child in the family.  Her Mom and Dad would leave the house for many days to attend parties or go on long trip but would not take her.  He would stay behind with the servants.  She was home schooled by a teacher who would visit and her Mom and Dad didn't give her any opportunities to meet other children.  She would spend her time reading great books, painting, and singing.  She would take long walks around the estate enjoying the large flower gardens the caretakers worked on.

One day she felt very lonely and took a walk through the gardens to try and feel better.  She came across a rose garden that had many different color roses.  She did something she had never done before.  She picked a flower.  She chose a beautiful pink rose and cut it from the bush.  She wanted to take it home hoping it would help her feel better.  She put the rose in a crystal vase with some water and settled down for a nap.  She sleep very deeply.  When she woke the rose was no longer in the vase.  The girl looked around and noticed a little girl sitting in her reading chair.  She was very pretty and pink cheeks. She was reading a book.  "Who are you", asked the girl in bed.  "I don't know" she replied.  She then asked, "What's your name?"  The girl in bed replied, "My name is Jani, what's yours?"  I don't know she replied.  Jani began to understand what happened.  She told the girl what she did with the rose.  The little girl began to giggle.  Jani suggested, "Why don;t we call you Rose."  The little girl scrunched her nose which made her cheeks even pinker.  The girl asked for other flower names.  Jani listed many of her favorite flowers from the garden.  "How about Liliac, Daisy, Hollyhocks, Poppies . . . Lilli."  "That's it", said the girl.  "I will be Lilli the Rose."

Jani and Lilli became great friends.  Jani was very happy to have a friend.  She has never had a friend to play with in her home.  Jani's Mom and Dad were gone for many days so the girls got a lot of time to play.  Lilli the Rose suggested they have a sleepover in a different part of the Estate.   Lilli the Rose told Jani about a smaller building that is on the boarder of the property.  It is were the gardeners stay when the eat lunch or take their naps.  Jani and Lilli the Rose gathered all the blankets, pillows, candy, popcorn, soda pop, and movies they could carry and made the long walk to the gardeners resting spot.  when they arrived they scattered all the ggodies and blankets and began to watch a movie.  A few minutes later they heard a door bell.  lilli the Rose went to find the door and she came back giggling.  Jani was focused on the movie and didn;t notice.  Soon the doorbell rang again.  Lilli the Rose went to the door and came back giggling again.  This time Jani heard her giggling and asked her what was so funny.  She said there was a Princess, a Scarecrow, and a Clown at the door.  Jani thought that was strange but then the doorbell rang again.  This time she went with Lilli the Rose and saw a large number of kids at the door.  they all yelled "Trick or Treat!!!"  Jani didn;t know what that meant so she asked.  The kids at the door explained Halloween to Jani  and Lilli the Rose.  It sounds like a lot of fun but Jani did not have any costume to where.  She had never thought about wearing a costume or dressing up.  Lilli the Rose had an idea.  "Why don;t we have a party right here in the Gardner Resting Spot."  What a great idea.  When anyone rang the doorbell they were invited in to attend a Halloween Party.  Jani was as happy as she has ever been.  She was able to make a lot of friends.  All of these kids lived in her town but she had never met any of them.  She was happy to finally have friends.  They played games, watch movies, told stories.  Jani was able to get all of their phone numbers so she could set up play dates. 

After the party was done Jani was exhausted.  She and Lilli the Rose curled up in the blankets and pillows they brought and they both slept.  When Jani woke up she could not find Lilli the Rose.  She looked all over the small building she was in.  She was was beginning to get worried and sat on a reading chair and noticed a small pink rose in a vase on a lamp table.  Jani began to be sad until she remembered all the good things taht Lilli the Rose taught her.  Lilli the Rose taught Jani how to have fun and how to make friends.  thanks to Lilli the Rose, Jani had many new friends.  She now has everything she has always wanted.  Jani took this pink rose and took it back to her rose garden.  The left the rose in the vase close to where she took the rose from.  The next day she went to the rose garden with her new friend, Mari, who she met at the party on Halloween.  She noticed that the Rose and the vase were no longer there but in there place was a large rose bush full of large pink roses.  These rose looked like a gold trim to them.  Jani then told Mari about her experience with Lilli the Rose.  Mari knew exactly what she was talking about.  Mari told Jani all about Rose Fairies.  Lilli the Rose was a Rose Fairy.  Rose Fairies make themselves available when someone is sad and need to be taught how to be happy again.  They have the ability to understand the greatest desires of those in their garden and find ways to teach them what they need to know at that time.  Jania nd Mari became good friends.  Jani talked her Mom and Dad into letting her go to school with her new friends so she would not be alone so much.