Sunday, January 12, 2014

Started my new Stake calling today.  I'm the YM Stake Sports Director.  We sat through 7 hours of basketball this morning.  It is a fun calling but it takes a lot of time.  It is not hard watching a bunch of basketball games.  it is challenging trying to get the Ward Athletic Directors to care enough to complete the Ward rosters.  I have many calls to make to find out where the rosters are.  I also coached Hyrum's basketball game today.  I'm an assistant coach for his team and needed to step in to be the main yeller.  It was very frustrating.  I went from watching 12-18 year olds playing to 9 year olds.  It is hard to make the transition and not have big expectations for the 9 year basketball skills. 

I have a new Primary class.  I get to teach the 7 turning 8 year olds.  i always considered this class to be the best class to teach.  We have had a hard time releasing teachers from this class int he past.  we had one sister refuse the release.  she told us we got it wrong and refused to leave.  we had to involve the Stake Presidency.  I still teach with Nate Rigby.  He has been a great partner and has been very consistent.  Teaching Primary has been a fun calling.  we have some new challenges with this class.  Last year I taught kids that i coach soccer so it was very easy to teach them in Primary.  This year I have many of thier younger siblings.  I have two boys who have been problems for past teachers.  I'm hoping we can have success with them without having to try and break them.  Last sunday as a bit of a challenge.  I think we need to change our teaching options.  Thye responded very well to video not so good to questions and testing for understanding.

I took Tiffany on a date tonight.  We went to go the a movie, "Saving Mr. Banks".  It was about the making of the movie Mary Poppins.  It has changed how I see the movie.  I have always seen it as Mary saving the children but it is about Mary Poppins saving a family by helping the father recognize his true role.  Tiffany was sobbing at the end.  I wondered if it hit a little close to home.  She has had some challenges of having her parents unload their problems and challenges on her.  they call and complain about their situations and leave the conversation feeling better.  Tiffany tries to help them and internalizes their problems.  I try to help her to not do that but it is hard to hear those problems and not get bogged down a  bit by them.  Tiffany is extremely kind to her parents and takes some abuse because of it.