Sunday, November 10, 2013

I had another opportunity to teach in seminary when the teacher called in sick.  They had me teach until a sub could be available.  I taught 2 Nephi 26.  I was not prepared.  I had a feeling that I should prepare a lesson to compare my lesson with what the teacher would do.  That is how I started the lesson is talking about following promptings.  It went better than my first attempt.  The Principal  took over after a while.  He did not say anything.  I hope it went as well as I thought.  I get to teach Enos 1 and Words of Mormon/Mosiah 1.  I feel confident about Enos not so confident about the others yet.  I have not spent much time on the other lesson.  I hope this goes as well I as I see it happening.  the Seminary experience and work challenges have all been very humbling to me.  I hope I learn whatever I need to from these experiences. 

Emma and eve have challenged me to get my Young Women's Personal Progress award with them.  I have already started the book when I was in the BIshopric so I could get more fmailiar with the program.  I'm working on Faith right now.  all the journal entries will hopefully get me in a habit of right in the journal more.

Tiffany and I recently had a discussion that I hope will help her.  She sees the world very differntly tyhan I.  She is always concerned with doing enough and not offending.  i offend people all the time and feel like I'm doing good things.  she will wonder while she is doing something that is good if there is something that would be better to do.  this makes her exhausted and always feeling like she is not doing enough.  I dont know anyone who does more good than Tiffany.  I also dont know anyone who is more critical of herself.  I think our discussion has helped her some.  She seems to be able to relax a bit more and be happy with what she has accomplished.  Some day she will see how great she is.