Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Eve's Donkey Kong Hip Hop

Eve is the tallest blonde on the right of the back row, then ends in the center of the front row. Funky!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Eve's Dance

Eve begins the dance in the front row fourth from right in the pink dress. She is the shortest babe in the pick dress.

Eve also has a Hip Hop Dance we are trying to upload but we are having problems. We will get that on the blog as soon as we can.

Emma's dance

Emma begins the dance in the front row, second from right. Skip to the 2:00 minutes mark.

Hyrum's Dance

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sour Kangaroo Snippet

Eve: The Sour Kangaroo

In December, Eve's teacher announced that the 3rd grade would do
"Suessical the Musical" in June.

Since then, Eve spoke of nothing else.

She had big dreams to be the "Sour Kangaroo"

She started practicing....and practicing....and dreaming....and practicing...
and finally, the cast list came out.... Eve is the Sour Kangaroo....with an attitude!
(Mari got to be the baby elephant-bird understudy)

Sour Kangaroo and her baby were absolutely delightful! The audience cheered...and Eve has her own fan club among the grades at school (my favorite comment from her peers: "Wow Eve, I didn't know you could sing!). Thank you Aunt Carrie for coaching her singing. Thank you for Grandma Charlene for teaching me how to sew (all those years ago!) We are so proud of Eve for setting her goal and achieving it! Eve, you can do anything!

p.s. Eve plays the piano too! She did a beautiful job at her class talent show!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Family Reunion

Wonderful Carrie organized a family reunion. Although our numbers were small, our fun was huge!

Carri's Family, Ben's Family, Jeshua's Family

Dean, Carrie, Tiffany, Ben, Brooke, Jeshua

We had so much fun being together and getting to know each other. It was a weekend well-spent! Thank you Carrie!

We went to the Weiser Fiddle Festival.

There were fun things to see and do...especially if you are into that sort of thing. (Everyone who knows us, knows that we are hillbillys at heart)

Music and jam sessions everywhere.

The music was amazing!

We were all inspired to go home and practice. We wish we would've brought our instruments to try out some of the things we heard.

Cool entrance stamp!

We must come again! Next time we'll bring our instruments and Dad and Nate so we can have our own jam session.
(We will have to claim out our own street corner well in advance because they fill up fast)

We also went to the downtown Farmer's Market. (Aunt Margie met us there...it was great to spend time with her). While we were at the Farmer's Market, Ben, Dean, Dave, and Ethan went golfing.

Music and dancing and crafts and food!

We ate some delicious homemade donuts and root beer, bread sticks and maple cookies.

Erik and Hyum were inseparable the whole weekend. Thanks Erik for being such a good cousin!

The cousins all had a great time together...

Ethan, Emma, Erik, Eve, Hyrum, Lauren, Christian, Mari, Collin

Other highlights of the weekend: "Cars 2" movie with Jeshua's family and flying popcorn, fantastic Carrie food, "Just Dance" for Wii marathon, swimming in Carrie's pool, Thai Restaurant with Carrie and Dean while the cousins had a pizza and movie night, shopping at WinCo to stock up on our favorite cereal (Raisin Bran Crunch...seriously, they had an amazing sale so we bought 9 boxes to take home with us), a tour of Boise and a beautiful cemetery.
Would we do this again?

You bet!