Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bear Lake Adventure

We were blessed to take a trip to Bear Lake with our friends. Ben and I were doing a "Through Emma's Eyes" presentation for my friend, Holly's mom's Relief Society in Randolph. While there, Holly's mom let us stay in their time share. Holly and her family stayed with us. We love Bear Lake in the Summer, but we found that it is also beautiful in the winter.
Our trip included sledding, swimming, touring the cheese factory, the Logan Temple, and new sights and sounds. Hyrum loved finding a town named after him.

He also loved driving the "mule" but thought that it should by driven like "Mario-Cart"

Emma and her friend, Ally, were the giggle girls!
Ben was in the middle of all the sled races. That boy never stops!

Kids, Kids, everywhere kids!

Snow Bunny Mari!

Emma was the dare-devil of the group. She would try any slide from any distance. She was wild and crazy!

Beautiful Eve!

Mom and Hyrum Swoosh!