Sunday, December 4, 2016

We have survived the musical season at the high school.  Riverton high school performed Music Man.  Emma was a principle dancer and they let Mari play the part of Amaryllis.  Emma was fantastic as usual.  Mari had a few speaking lines and did a very good job.  We saw the show 6 times.  We went for a rehearsal to take pictures.  We aw it with the middle school and for each performance.  When I close my eyes all I hear is 76 trombones.  After the middle school performance Mari told me "I want to do this the rest of my life."   I think we have started something within her.  She is already looking for other shows to perform in.  Emma did great and we get to tease her now about her first kiss being a gay guy on a bridge.  She has been paired with the same guy for most dances and shows and he is openly gay.  It was very uncomfortable.  We had almost all of my family come to see the show and a lot of support from the Ward. 

Emma is starting to apply to all the local schools.  i thought she would make an attempt at applying to BYU but so far she is hoping she will get accepted into the U in their business and marketing program.  That is the only school she is excited about.  She is not applying to BYU.  i think she is wanting to go to Snow for a semester and then go on a mission.  After the mission she wants to go to the U.  We try not to talk to Tiffany about it.  Whenever we talk about Emma graduating Tiffany gets emotional.  It has not hit me yet.  I knew this was coming and I think I'm prepared.  Emma is enjoying her MDT experience but not her DECA experience.  She is not getting along with the other officers in DECA.  they are being catty and mean.  She will be considering resigning as the president if she can't find a way to make it work.  She was an officer last year and had a great experience.  This year has been different.  the advisors have not been much help with refereeing the officers.   We are trying to help her through this process and give her the best experience we can.

Eve has been having health problems for a while.  I was not aware of these concerns.  she has some stomach issues in the Summer that have not gone away.  We recently got her some help.  She went into to see a lady doctor and the technician found a large cyst on one of her ovaries.  She went back in for another look and the cyst is not there.  I think the first technician made a mistake.  She saw a GI specialsist and they found a blockage.  She is on some medicine that has made her weekend a challenge to enjoy.  they are trying to clean her out.  She has been in consistent pain and this medicine seems to make it worse.  We are hoping she will be able to get better soon.

Hyrum has started basketball again.  Since he has not been in football it is taking him a while to get his athletic feet under him.  I'm starting to get organized with the Stake league.  We have more teams than we have had in the past.  It will make the scheduling more challenging than in the past.