Monday, February 2, 2015

Emma got her braces off today.  she is very excited and smiling all the time.  I have just entered back into the world of teeth correction.  Keith has been talking to me about correcting my bite.  I have a tongue thrust that has pushes my teeth out so my bite no longer closes right.  He installed Invisilign.  It is suppose to be a clear mouthguard.  He put button on my teeth and lockes with the mouthpiece.  I get a different mouthpiece every two weeks.  So far it has been hard.  I try to muscle through it but my tongue issues interferes with the mouthguard and my tongue gets cut up. 

Super Bowl yesterday.  Party and Mom and Dad's.  Didn't care who won but good to be with family.  Keith was apologizing for the problems I have been having with these trays.  not his fault.  I figure it is just part of the process. 

In the middle of basketball.  Saturdays feel like all basketball all the time.  Taking about 6 hours at the church for Stake ball and then Mari and Hyrum each have games.  It is fun but does nto leave much time for anything else.

Tiffany is doing 14 days of Valentine's for me.  Very sweet of her.  First day was Pringles.  She knows I love them.  Second day was toothbrush and past for work.  I'm supposed brush my teeth every time I each before I put my trays back in.  I haven't been but now I might.