Monday, August 18, 2014

Yesterday was a very busy day.  It was a Sunday that did not feel like a day of rest.  Many meetings and little down time.  It was all good things but little rest.  Regular meetings, choir practice, Triathlon recap meeting, Girls Camp fireside.  I don't think it would have felt so long if the Primary class was not misbehaving.  They are good kids but if 2-3 of them have a bad day it carries to the rest of the class.  Tiffany is a good example.  he seems to never tire of meeting a good things of Sunday.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

We had a very busy day today.  We started the day with football weigh ins for Hyrum.  He weighed above the max amount so he will have an "X" on his helmet.  He was hoping that if he didn't have the "X" that he might get to be a wide receiver.  I explained to him that he will likely not get off the line due to this being his first year.  Tiffany, Mari, and Eve went to the Fidelity 5K race they had before the start of the Summer BBQ.  Emma was at dance lessons.  We met up for the BBQ with Nate, Eliza, Kimberly, Rachael, and Sammie.  Mark was there too but he was busy assisting with the food.  After that we went to a swim party for Hyrum's football team.  It has been a challenge to get to know the parents on this team.  It seems like most of them are not LDS and they seem reluctant to reach beyond their tight nucleus of parents who have kids that have played football int he past.  I left the family at the party to help Carrie and Dean unload their belonging into storage.  They are looking for a new home.  They have moved from Idaho back to Utah but they have not found a place to live yet.  After that we gathered the family to go take family pictures in Herriman.  Emma's dance instructor Andrea came with us to snap the shots.  I then took the family to Cafe Rio for dinner.  I was too tired to think about fixing dinner.  It was a very tiring day.  we finished the day watching TV as a family.

We complete a Triathlon last weekend.  President Saunders asked the sport committee to create a sprint triathlon for the Stake.  We had three Stakes involved.  We thought we might get 30-40 people to show and we had around 240.  It went well and everybody seemed to have fun.  I was in charge of the run.  I made a bunch of signs to mark the run route.  There was a lot that went into the race.  Tiffany, Emma and Eve ran the race.  The race went from the South County swimming pool (swim 300 meters), along the Jordan River parkway and up 13th West (bike about 5 miles) and the run from the church by the city cemetery down Lover's Lane and back (about 2 miles).  Now on to volleyball and and soon basketball.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Eve had a great end of year party a few weeks ago.  She had her friends over for a food fight.  we laid painters tarps on the grass to try and keep the mess on something we could clean up.  I made a slip and slide for the kids using PVC pipe.  They were talking around the fire pit and watching a movie when a group of boys (Chandlers) gave with masks on (nylons over their heads) and sprayed silly string ont he girls.  the girls did not react the way the boys thought they would.  Rather than scream and run they chased after the boys.  Eve made it back to their truck and went on a ride with them.  Once the girls came back they wanted to get revenge so we planned to attack them with water.  We filled water balloons and put them in a tote.  When the girls got impatient they started to cut up some over ripe bananas we had purchased.  I asked James to get the boys outside.  He pulled his truck out so the boys would play basketball in the driveway.  It was really dark which allowed the girls to ninja up close and drill the boys with water.  the boys all ran.  when we got back tot he house we and expected the girls to all be there.  Nobody was at our house and the parents started to arrive to collect their kids.  He had to chat with them a bit until the girls came back.  Eve said it was awesome.

I just was promoted to a Senior Account Executive.  It is a 20K raise for doing the same work I'm already doing.  I had considered trying for a different role.  It would all be for less money but something different.  I decided to stick around for a while before I try to move on.  So far it feels right.  I'm having a good quarter so that makes a difference.  I hope it is a good thing for a while.

Tiffany and the kids are considering moving.  I'm not sure anything will come of it but it has been interesting to consider.  We like where we are we just would like a little more room.  A newer place would be nice too.  We will see.